Friday, December 19, 2008

Fourth picture in my picture file

I was photo tagged and will attempt to do this. Obviously this exercise was designed by people who are much more technologically savvy than myself... I spent 10 minutes trying to find my picture folder and the last 20 trying to move the picture to a different location on the page (never did achieve the later).
Here goes...

This is the fourth picture in my picture file. I know's a little strange to have a picture of an earring in your picture file. This picture is of an earring found in Jerusalem and dated 2,000 years ago. Some of you know about my fascination with jewelry design and this just captured my fancy. It is very possible that whoever wore this earring knew Jesus. Somehow it makes me feel connected.

I won't be tagging 4 people because the only bloggers I know personally have already been tagged! I will however, look forward to reading the other tags.

1 comment:

rita said...

Beautiful--earring and photo.
How did you come by it?