Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blessed Saturday

It's Saturday morning the world is covered in a blanket of ice but inside our home all is well.
We are closing the shop next week so, even though I never work on Saturdays, today feels like the first day of vacation.
I sit here at the computer while my hair color is processing, thanks to Nice and Easy, with a happy tummy, thanks to Kim's southern biscuits and gravy. REALLY FANTASTIC! (I would add a link to the recipe but don't know how, if interested look at Kim's posting on November 3 and 4). I didn't make homemade sausage but the biscuits were light and tender and the gravy wonderfully savory. Thanks Kim.
Both my boys ate breakfast with us in spite of it being 10 AM on a Saturday morning. Nic, (now 20), makes us chuckle because he can no longer sleep in, he was awake by 7:30! Daniel (still a teenager) had to be dragged out of bed, but he cheered up nicely towards the end of the meal.
In spite of the ice storm, a grim report from my dentist and the poor economy, this past week has been full of blessings.
We were able to pay our bills, eat well and enjoy one another's company. On Thursday I worked very late so that payroll would be ready on Friday and so that I could go to the dentist. My good friend Josefina showed up late afternoon and brought me dinner! Truly this was a blessing from God. She didn't know how wonderful it was to come home late and just pop dinner in the microwave. Now the hymn "make me a blessing to someone today" keeps floating through my mind.
Now to wash the mountain of dishes...


Kim said...

Yum! I'm going to have to get more ground pork so I can make some sausage.

We are just so tired today. Spent the morning and half the afternoon cleaning up after the party from last night and packing for the trip to Sta. Rosa.

Leftover pizza is heating up in the toaster oven, a 2nd load of laundry is almost dry, and we've decided to take a siesta before we head out. It's so hot and the a.c. in the car doesn't quite keep up when it's this hot. So we'll wait until it's a little cooler. Also we are tired!

What did you have to have done at the dentist? I really don't like going to the dentist at all. Marcela told me about hers, who sounds like a good one to go to should I need anything. She's very vigilant about controlling the pain. My kind of dentist! :-)

Have a great break over Christmas!!!

rita said...

Breakfast as a family sounds like a wonderful start to your vacation! And yummy too!
I really appreciated your post and am happy for all the positives!
What's with the dientes or is it muelas?

Elizabeth said...

Hi Aunt Sharon... I didnt even know you had a blog until I was talking to Kathy this morning and she told me about it. This is great.
Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!