Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What NOT to say

Never call a business saying: "Hi, this is Jan and I need to set up an appointment to come in and audit your business".
Really, if you have been contracted to audit a business you should at least identify the company you are working for, otherwise you will NOT be well received.
Recently I taught a Bible study to our Hispanic women's group. I was teaching about looking at our hearts honestly and recognizing our sin. I looked at the women and said: "as I look at you, you all appear to be very good people" (they all nodded their heads), "but", I continued, "we all hide bad attitudes in our hearts". In the interest of being open and honest I then used an illustration from my personal life.
Many years ago, we had a relationship with a man who was very opinionated and somewhat domineering. (Let's just say he rubbed me the wrong way). One Sunday when a group of several men where gathered he turned to me and said "why don't you and my wife go and prepare a meal for us?." I have since learned a little humility, but at the time I looked at him and said "I am no one's servant!" (do you detect the righteous indignation?). I eventually apologized to the man but it took me about 5 years to do so.
After sharing this tidbit of honesty with my ladies, one of them spoke up and said: "I would never feel that way, I count it an utmost honor to serve a meal to others"
So much for honesty, I think I'll ask her to teach next time!.