Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My sister was googling the places of our past and found this picture from when we lived in Neuquen, Argentina. This is my seventh grade class, escuela primaria#121.
Can you find me?
My teacher was Srta. Marta Torres, I had her in fifth grade and didn't like her, then again in seventh grade and I loved her. I think the reason for my dislike in fifth grade was that we had just gone back to Argentina after a year of furlough in the U.S. and I was struggling to adjust. As a lefty the fact that my handwritting is straight up and down, instead of slanted to the left is all due to Miss Torres. She made me practice and practice, she was fiercely unyielding, and I'm grateful.
The second girl from the left in the back row was my best friend, Miriam Bonelli. Her family was considered wealthy and owned a boat and went on vacations, but she was always self-conscious because people called her fat. (She wasn't at all fat, just large boned, it seems that Argentines are even more image conscious than Americans). Poor girl, I wonder how her life turned out?