Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Correct me, Lord

I know, O Lord, that a man's life is not his own,
it is not for man to direct his steps.
Correct me, Lord, but only with justice, not in your anger
Lest you reduce me to nothing.
Jeremiah 10:23-24

I don't know why but I find this verse tremendously comforting. Maybe because I'd prefer to not be the one in charge of directing my steps and it's lovely to know that in spite of all my sin God will correct me with justice and not with anger.

Correct me, Lord


Kim said...

Amen! 'Cause there are days I'd be so aggravated with me if I were God, I'd wanna just zap me.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the chuckle Kim

Kathy said...

Love those verses! Thank you Aunt Sharon!
Paul and I will be in IN in May for a wedding- would love to see you! We must talk!
By the way- You have been picture tagged-
Read here for directions on what to do!

rita said...

I love your motto. Truly "It is good to wait quietly."
And I like the blog background colors. You have such good taste.
I am having trouble seeing you as a sinner, but even more visualizing Kim being zapped! :o)